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Sea Symmagery

Each Symmagery Design is like a Stream flowing into the Sea ~ a Source of Sustaining Beauty

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Are you ready to join me in a Symmagery adventure?

For 18 years now, I've been in the stream of Symmagery exploring my love of nature & expressing my creative spirit, my soul sustenance. In this, I see the influence surface design can have on our psyches. Symmagery is a simple yet significant way for us to mirror nature closer, each pattern being a display of appreciation & accentuation of Mother Nature’s beauty.

Are you ready to feel how Symmagery enlivens your life’s routine?

From retail to commercial applications, custom & commission work, I'm here to serve you Symmagery Design.

I'm eager to see where your imagination leads you.

Which Symmagery pathways will you feel drawn to go down? How will we play with the patterns to create the aesthetic appeal you are looking for? In what ways will you aspire to apply them?  

We can even collaborate & come up with commission Symmagery Designs to cater to your curiosities.

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