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Featuring this Exciting Installation!!!

The Symmagery Design Spanish Moss Pattern

wrapping 25, 20' Columns in the 

The Gold Coast Ballroom of the historic 

 Drake Hotel, Chicago IL.


Displaying a marriage in which two stand facing, mirrors for one another, with open hearts holding a golden thread, dance along life’s grand promenade exposing the lines, shapes, colors and intimate contours of its patterns. The columns symbolic of multidimensional beings rotating with the cycles of life, embodying their unique design by nature. 

With the company of MDC Wallcoverings

offering a extensive selection of the highest quality materials for wall art, 3D column wraps, window & ceiling fashions, 

allow Symmagery Design to extend your vision in nature transforming a wall into a reflective gate way

It’s up to you to see where your imagination leads you.

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Sunset/Sunrise Dahlia

Sunset/Sunrise Dahlia


Tropical Butterflies

Tropical Butterflies


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